Our purpose is to help all athletes pursue a meaningful professional life, regardless of background and social capital. And it’s going to take a whole lot more than software -- it’s going to take an organized, empowered community ready to make a difference.


Four values bring our purpose to life

Obsessed With Outcomes

We’re not married to our ideas, we’re in love with athlete outcomes.

People First

We love tech and the possibilities it creates, but it’s ultimately people that matter.

Creatively Driven

We leverage experience to forge new paths in our ever changing world.

Content But Never Satisfied

All of us strive to learn, build and grow, but it’s the process we’re in love with.


Get to Know Our Founders

Tim Layer

Tim Layer

Founder, CTO

Tyler Baker

Tyler Baker

Founder, CEO

Kyle Mumma

Kyle Mumma

Founder, President Services


Listen to former athletes crushing it in life after sports.

The Life After Sports podcast highlights the successes and failures of former athletes who have transitioned into their post-playing careers

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